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Facilities Space Committee

Facilities Space Committee

The UT Facilities Space Committee (FSC) was established in 2017 to advise the President’s Cabinet of the appointment of space on University Premises. Committee members include representatives from all areas of the University, including Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Student Affairs, UTSA, President’s Cabinet, University Marketing and Communications, and Facilities Management.

Committee Members: Michael Lacourse (Co-Chair), Paul Morris (Co-Chair), Del Beatty, Jordon Sharp, Courtney White, Sherry Ruesch, Devon Rice (UTSA President) Ex-Officio Members: Christine Arlotti, Vicki Shurtz, Scott Ford, Jon Gibb

Required Approvals and Project Details

Prior to submitting the Facilities Space Modification Form, please consider the following required steps:

  • Request approval for the project from the department chair or director, and
  • Request approval for the project from the dean, executive director, and/or the area’s vice president.
  • Project Justification: Provide the reason the project is being requested.
  • Project Description: Provide the project’s details and associated costs to complete the project.
  • Funding Source: Include an index code to fund the project.
Space Modification Request Form

Additional Resources

University Policy 442: University Facilities Space Committee, Facilities Renovations, and Space Allocations governs facility space modifications and space allocations.

Facility Branding Guidelines: See UMAC’s branding guidelines for more information on facility finishes, such as office décor, lobby décor, frosted windows, paint and wall coverings, etc.

2023-2024 Master Plan: UT’s Facilities Space Committee will serve as the 2023-2024 Master Planning Steering Committee.

Meeting Schedule

The Facilities Space Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month. New project requests must be submitted via the Space Modification Request Form by the first Friday of each month. Late project requests may be pushed to the next meeting agenda.


Christine Arlotti

Executive Assistant for Administrative Affairs

Email: Christine.Arlotti@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4280

Office: ADMNSO 105